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Автор: | 19.11.2018

Description: Suppose you are applying to work for a computer software company. What qualifications and skills would be needed in different positions within a company? What kinds of questions do you think you would be asked in a job interview for such positions?
Helpful tip: If you are looking for a computer-related job, be sure you have the proper skills. Taking computer classes and/or educating yourself by reading up on the newest technologies will help you prepare.

Listen to the conversation and check your answers.

1. What is the main topic of this conversation?
A. computer sales negotiations
B. a preliminary interview
C. an Internet seminar meeting

2. From the discussion, what did Mr. Taylor probably do for his previous company?
A. He managed the sales department.
B. He gave seminars on the Internet.
C. He worked as a custodian.

3. Mr. Taylor thinks that Java is:
A. a Web page authoring program.
B. a kind of beverage.
C. a computer game software.

4. What does the man mean when he says, «We’ll be in touch» at the end of the conversation?
A. He will call Mr. Taylor in the next few days.
B. He talk over their discussion with others.
C. He will not contact him for further consideration.

5. Choose the best word(s) to describe Mr. Taylor:
A. on the ball
B. high achiever
C. uninformed

Correct answers:

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