Airline Safety

Автор: | 13.11.2018

Description: What items are passengers not allowed to take on board airplanes in your country? What are the reasons for these rules?
Helpful tip: Read travel information online or at the airport before you pass through security. This can save you time and embarrasment in case you have prohibited items in your luggage.

Listen to the conversation and check your answers.

1. What is the first item that the man has in his carry-on bag?
A. water
B. medication
C. a large bottle of shampoo

2. The man is carrying a lighter because he _______.
A. enjoys smoking cigarettes
B. is worried about his safety
C. he forgot to take it out of his bag

3. The next illegal item the man has with him is __________.
A. a live snake
B. firecrackers
C. a huge knife

4. The man received this item from ________.
A. a close friend
B. a relative
C. a stranger

5. The man doesn’t know the airline’s rules because ________.
A. the sign was written in Chinese
B. he didn’t see the sign
C. he wasn’t paying careful attention

Correct answers:

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