Traffic Ticket

Автор: | 19.11.2018

Description: What are common traffic violations and how do they threaten public safety (for example, following cars too closely, or tailgating, can result in rear end collisions if the car in front of you stops suddenly)?
Helpful tip: Be aware of the speed limits for different areas in your city and area even if the limits are not posted. Ignorance is no excuse when you are tying to fight a speeding ticket.

Listen to the conversation and check your answers.

1. What law did the driver break in the school zone?
A. He didn’t yield to children crossing the road.
B. He parked illegally near the school.
C. He exceeded the speed limit.

2. What happened at the intersection?
A. The driver didn’t use his turn signals.
B. The driver didn’t come to a complete stop.
C. The driver failed to yield to other drivers.

3. What does the police officer tell the man about his driver’s license?
A. The license is no longer valid.
B. The driver is using someone else’s license.
C. The license is only good for 6 more months.

4. What can be implied from the driver’s conversation about the officer’s name?
A. The driver plans to report the officer to his superiors.
B. The driver tells the officer that they have met before.
C. The driver hints that the officer could let him off.

5. What happens at the end of the conversation?
A. The driver gets a ticket.
B. The officer arrests the driver.
C. The driver is taken to court.

Correct answers:

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