Car Rental

Автор: | 19.11.2018

Description: What are your major considerations when deciding on renting a specific car?
Helpful tip: Getting the best deal on a car rental often depends on the type of vehicle you need, the type of features the car is equipped with, and the time of year your rent it. Check the Internet for the best offers.

Listen to the conversation and check your answers.

1. Why did the man settle on renting the full-size car?
A. It was roomy enough for him.
B. It was more economical than the minivan.
C. It had more features than the other vehicles.

2. What was one of his major concerns about renting the car?
A. He couldn’t add an additional driver to the rental plan.
B. He was only limited to a certain number of miles per day.
C. The vehicle would probably consume a lot of gas.

3. How would you describe his rental car?
A. It was a little larger than he expected.
B. The car doesn’t look very attractive.
C. The engine has problems and runs poorly.

4. In which situation would the car protection plan NOT help the customer?
A. The car is stolen from a store parking lot with all of your valuables.
B. The driver loses control of the car and crashes it into power pole.
C. The car’s exterior and windows are damaged in a hail storm.

5. What can we infer from the closing statement about roadside assistance?
A. You should call the police in case your car has mechanical difficulties.
B. Getting assistance might require some time and patience.
C. The company will compensate you for delays in your travel.

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