Running Shoes

Автор: | 19.11.2018

Description: What are the potential physical and psychological health benefits of walking and running, no matter what the pace might be?
Helpful tip: Getting the right running shoes is critical to good form and long-term health. A good running shoe store should be able to check your biomechanics to select the right shoe for you.

Listen to the conversation and check your answers.

1. What problem does the man have at the beginning of the conversation?
A. The man is suffering from a foot injury.
B. The man forgot his girlfriend’s birthday.
C. The man lied about his running ability.

2. What does the man want at the store?
A. some running shoes
B. a pair of running socks
C. a running hydration pack

3. How can you best describe the man’s running ability?
A. He is an elite runner.
B. He is more of a couch potato.
C. He runs a number of 10k races.

4. The woman has run ______ under _____ hours.
A. 20, three hours
B. 25, three hours and 30 minutes
C. 30, four hours

5. The sales associate suggests that the man ___________.
A. break up with the woman
B. tell the woman the truth
C. start working at the shoe store

Correct answers:

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