Baking Cookies Dad’s Cooking Show

Автор: | 13.11.2018

Description: What are three types of cookies you like to eat? Are there any kinds of baked goods you don’t care for? Do you bake your own cookies, or do you buy them? Who does the most baking in your family: mother, father, grandparent, you, or another person?
Helpful tip: Cookies are great treats, especially if you eat them in moderation. In other words, fifteen cookies and a gallon of milk might not be the best snack.

Listen to the conversation and check your answers.

1. Where did the chef learn to cook?
A. at a cooking school
B. at a family member’s home
C. in a friend’s kitchen

2. What is special about the chef’s cookies?
A. He makes them by following a healthy recipe.
B. He prepares them by using inexpensive ingredients.
C. He sells them at many local stores.

3. Which ingredient does the chef NOT use to make his cookies?
A. baking powder
B. flour
C. sugar

4. At what temperature should you bake the cookies?
A. at 305 degrees
B. at 315 degrees
C. at 350 degrees

5. What is the topic of the next cooking program?
A. fun cookies for teenagers
B. inexpensive meals
C. tips for cleaning your kitchen

Correct answers:

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