Barbecue Party

Автор: | 13.11.2018

Description: What kinds of food do people often prepare and eat at a barbecue or family party?
Helpful tip: It is often a good idea to find out what foods people can and can’t eat when you invite them over for a meal.

Listen to the conversation and check your answers.

1. How many people are coming to the party from Ashley’s work?
A. three
B. four
C. five

2. What are Daniel’s brothers going to bring to the barbecue?
A. chicken
B. steak
C. hamburgers

3. Daniel’s brother, Jim, loves to __________.
A. cook
B. talk
C. eat

4. Ashley’s neighbors are going to bring _______ from their garden.
A. tomatoes
B. corn
C. watermelon

5. What are they going to eat for dessert?
A. pie
B. cake
C. fresh fruit

Correct answers:

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