Home Cleaning Service

Автор: | 06.12.2018

Description: How clean is your house or apartment right now? Are there some areas of your place that get cleaned more often than others?
Helpful tip: Cleaning your place a little each day is often the best way to keep your house under control.

Listen to the conversation and check your answers.

1. What does the woman see on the floor of the man’s apartment?
A. soda bottles
B. hamburger wrappers
C. pizza boxes

2. What is causing the bad smell?
A. spoiled milk
B. rotten eggs
C. moldy cheese

3. The home cleaning service will take care of the man’s _________.
A. clothes
B. windows
C. floors

4. The cleaning service will cost the man _________ an hour.
A. $13
B. $23
C. $30

5. The man’s sister says that he ____________ because his place isn’t clean.
A. will have to pay more rent
B. won’t get married
C. doesn’t have friends

Correct answers:

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