Divorce Lawyers: Are they the Solution to Bad Relationships?

Автор: | 06.12.2018

Description: What are several reasons why some relationships end in divorce? When there is conflict, what are some ways in repairing and enhancing marital relationships? Are there times when a divorce lawyer may be needed to settle family disputes or breakups?
Helpful tip: Too often, couples go into marriage expecting all bliss; challenges are just a part of life, so just be prepared for the unexpected.

Listen to the conversation and check your answers.

1. Sharon and Phil been have been married for ________ months.
A. two
B. four
C. six

2. What is one reason why Phil wants to break up and divorce Sharon?
A. Sharon buys and wears very expensive clothing.
B. Sharon places work over her relationship with Phil.
C. Sharon complains about Phil’s bathroom habits.

3. One thing that bothers Sharon is that Phil __________.
A. gets together with his old girlfriend two or three times a week
B. carries a picture of his old girlfriend
C. brings up old memories of his old girlfried

4. Tonya, Phil’s sister, thinks that he is really _________.
A. egotistical
B. proud
C. pampered

5. What is one suggestion that Tonya does NOT give Phil?
A. He ought to consult with a divorce lawyer.
B. Phil should avoid serious financial crises.
C. Phil and his wife could get some counseling.

Correct answers:

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