Assisted Living For People with Alzheimer’s Disease

Автор: | 06.12.2018

Description: Note from Randall: My mother passed away on January 22, 2017, about a week after I finished this recording, and in memory of her, I invite visitors to learn about her life by doing this listening activity.

Randall’s mother has Alzheimer’s disease, and his family is trying to do the best they can to provide for her comfort. Such health conditions affect many senior citizens in our communities. What special care centers are there in your hometown in your country that provide special care for these individuals? In what cases do families care for the elderly? Under want conditions are special care centers needed?

Helpful tip: Caring for the elderly is one of the greatest rewards of living.

Listen to the conversation and check your answers.

1. What did Randall’s parents do in Honduras years ago?
A. They helped construct a home for children.
B. They taught English in local public schools.
C. They worked with the government to help the poor.

2. For Randall, one of the most difficult aspects of his mom’s Alzheimer’s disease?
A. He isn’t able to care for her at home.
B. His mother falls a lot and often gets hurt.
C. He can’t have conversations with his mom.

3. Who usually helps his mom with her meals?
A. the nurse
B. his father
C. other family

4. Randall’s mother likes to __________ at the care center.
A. watch TV shows
B. play simple games
C. talk with other residents

5. In such difficult circumstances, Randall suggests ______________.
A. giving money to help the needy
B. reading more to understand others
C. showing kindness in word and deed

Correct answers:

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