Video Game Systems: Buying a Game Boy

Автор: | 12.12.2018

Description: Video game systems like the Game Boy are popular among children and teenagers, but how do children obtain these systems: they receive them as gifts, they earn money and buy them, or they borrow the systems from a friend?
Helpful tip: Many people enjoy playing video games in their free time. However, spending too much time playing might lead to negative physical and social effects. Try to live a balanced life, entertaining yourself in and outside of the house.

Listen to the conversation and check your answers.

1. Why does the father discourage his son from buying a Game Boy?
A. Using it is a simply a waste of time.
B. His son needs to play with friends instead.
C. The game system costs too much.

2. How much can the boy save a month in allowance to buy a Game Boy?
A. $1.25
B. $5.00
C. $7.50

3. What does the boy need to do to earn allowance?
A. He has to get good grades in school.
B. The boy needs to get his chores done.
C. He doesn’t have to do anything.

4. What suggestion does the father give his son for making more money around the neighborhood?
A. delivering newspapers door-to-door
B. selling lemonade to people passing by
C. collecting empty cans from the trash

5. What can we infer from the ending of the conversation?
A. The father is going to help buy the Game Boy for his son.
B. The boy feels some disappointment and surprise.
C. The boy no longer wants a Game Boy.

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