Home Repairs: Friday Night Mishaps

Автор: | 12.12.2018

Description: Discuss the kinds of mishaps or accidents that can occur around the house that might require home repairs or house cleaning. Use the following verbs and nouns or others you know to make sentences. Then write some of the ideas on the board.
VERBS: burn, break, cut, damage, fall, ruin, scratch, slip, spill, tear
NOUNS: bathtub, carpet, chair, door, dinner, floor, ladder, stairs, stove, wall

He ruined the carpet when he started a fire in the living room.
Tony broke the kitchen window.

Helpful tip: Coming with a family preparedness plan now can help in case of an emergency such as a fire, earthquake, or flood. Practice what to do on a regular basis.

Listen to the conversation and check your answers.

1. Where is Henry going this evening to pick up his wife?
A. the train station
B. the bus station
C. the airport

2. What was Henry doing Friday night when his problems started?
A. He was watching a game on TV with some pals.
B. He was playing basketball with a few of his friends.
C. He was having a barbeque with a couple of buddies.

3. The vase broke when one of Henry’s friends:
A. hit it with a ball.
B. accidentally dropped it.
C. bumped into it with his arm.

4. How did the manuscript of the book become totally ruined?
A. It burned up in a fire.
B. Hot water damaged the entire copy.
C. Someone mistakenly threw it into the trash.

5. From the tone of the conversation, what sort of reaction does Henry expect from his wife about his misfortunes?
A. disappointment
B. anger
C. contentment

Correct answers:

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