Car Repairs

Автор: | 12.12.2018

Description: What are some common car problems that require special maintenance or repair? What has been your experience in getting your car repaired? If you need to get a new car due to a car accident, how can you secure a car loan to pay for your new vehicle? Where would you turn for car rentals while your own vehicle is being repaired?
Helpful tip: Not all mechanics are the same, so shop around for a reputable company that can repair your car. Asking friends about the places they take their cars can be a good place to start.

Listen to the conversation and check your answers.

1. What one possible problem was NOT mentioned about the man’s car?
A. a stopped-up fuel line
B. a grimy carburetor
C. a bad accelerator

2. Why can’t the car’s problem be diagnosed very easily?
A. The mechanic is not available to assess the problem.
B. The car is an older model that the mechanic hasn’t seen before.
C. The mechanic doesn’t have the proper tools to check the problem.

3. Today, how much would labor be per hour for the car owner in this conversation?
A. $50
B. $75
C. $125

4. Why will it be so expensive for the man to get his car fixed?
A. His car will require extensive repairs that will take a lot of time.
B. Special custom-made parts must be ordered from out of town.
C. He must pay higher fees because he isn’t a resident of that area.

5. What day is it in the conversation?
A. Friday
B. Saturday
C. Sunday

Correct answers:

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