Security Systems: Home, Business, and Bank

Автор: | 12.12.2018

Description: Businesses and homes often fall victim to crime, particularly robbery and burglary, and having methods of protecting your life and property such as burglar alarms can be important. So, what are some common methods that businesses use to protect their property? How about homeowners or even yourself if you are living in an apartment or dormitory at school? In this conversation, how was the man caught?
Helpful tip: While traveling, it is often a good idea not to «look» like a tourist so thieves won’t single you out. Carrying big, bulking cameras and large amounts of cash on you could possibly lead to problems.

Listen to the conversation and check your answers.

1. Where does this conversation take place?
A. at a restaurant
B. at a hotel
C. at a bank

2. The man tries to rob the business by _________________.
A. using a fake weapon
B. pretending to be a police officer
C. trying to pass a stolen check

3. What is the first problem the robber encounters?
A. The employee tells him that the business is closing early.
B. The worker says that she doesn’t have much money to give him.
C. The woman explains that she can’t open the cash register.

4. What happens to the robber’s car out front of the business?
A. It was hauled away.
B. It was hit by another vehicle.
C. It was stolen.

5. Based on the content of the story, what do you think happens next?
A. The robber uses his gun to escape.
B. The woman complies with the robber’s demands.
C. The man is arrested and taken away.

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