Taxi Ride

Автор: | 12.12.2018

Description: What questions might you ask a taxi driver before and after you board the taxi?
Helpful tip: Be sure to show your appreciation by giving taxi drivers a tip. That is an important part of their income.

Listen to the conversation and check your answers.

1. What is the current time in the conversation?
A. 3:40 PM
B. 4:15 PM
C. 4:30 PM
D. 4:45 PM

2. How does the driver figure out that the passenger is a first-time visitor to the city?
A. The passenger catches a taxi for a short one-mile trip.
B. The passenger does not understand the rules for tipping drivers.
C. The driver finds the passenger lost on the street before picking him up.
D. The driver notices the passenger gazing upward at the tall buildings.

3. What sort of restaurant is the man looking for?
A. one that is relatively inexpensive
B. one that is not very crowded
C. one that offers large servings
D. one that is situated close to his hotel

4. What is one item the driver did NOT mention about the restaurant?
A. the price
B. the service
C. the interior design
D. the serving size

5. The driver suggests that the passenger go ______ to the restaurant.
A. by taxi
B. by bus
C. by subway
D. on foot

Correct answers:

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