Car Accident

Автор: | 06.12.2018

Description: What are some of the major factors that lead to car accidents and what can be done to deal with these causes? What possible injuries can occur in such accidents? Who would you contact if you had to file accident claims or other request for medical assistance?
Helpful tip: Accidents are often caused by a combination of human error and even adverse weather conditions. You can’t control other people’s actions, so always drive defensively and carefully to avoid accidents and confrontations with other drivers.

Listen to the conversation and check your answers.

1. Where did the car accident take place?
A. in front of the house
B. in the parking lot at the store
C. at the post office

2. Which factor did NOT contribute to the accident?
A. excessive speed
B. a faulty car mechanism
C. some obstructions in the car

3. Why is the girl really upset?
A. She wrecked her friend’s car.
B. She doesn’t have money to repair the car.
C. She won’t have a car to drive over the weekend.

4. What is her dad’s original solution to her predicament?
A. He offers to help pay for the repairs.
B. Her dad volunteers to drive her where she needs to go.
C. He suggests she invite friends over to eat.

5. How is the situation finally resolved?
A. The girl decides to go camping the following week instead.
B. The girl invites friends over instead for a pizza party.
C. The father reluctantly loans his car.

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