Utah Travel Ad — National Parks

Автор: | 12.12.2018

Description: There are a number of beautiful national parks in the Mountain West of the United States including Zions National Park, Arches National Park, and Mesa Verde. What things do you consider most when planning a vacation to this area? Rank the ideas below from most important to least important:

  • price of trip
  • destination
  • accommodations
  • sites and attractions
  • length of stay
  • travel companions
  • language(s) spoken at destination
Helpful tip: If you want to see some natural wonders of the world, then visit Utah. No matter where you go, you can experience great outdoor activities at every turn.

Listen to the conversation and check your answers.

1. What image does the announcer create for the listener in his opening comments about Utah in the radio commercial?
A. the beauty and grandeur of the state
B. the historic significance of this area
C. the safety and comfort of the region

2. From what you hear in the ad, what is one activity that is NOT mentioned about the backpacking trip?
A. hiking
B. whitewater rafting
C. studying ancient history

3. What is one thing that the tour does NOT include?
A. transportation in Utah
B. equipment for the hiking adventure
C. entrance fees

4. Which picture best portrays the geography of Little Wild Horse Canyon?
A. Picture 1
B. Picture 2
C. Picture 3

5. If you wanted to participate in the next tour on August 30th, by what date would you have to make the reservation?
A. August 1st
B. August 17th
C. August 23rd

Correct answers:

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