Wedding Plans

Автор: | 12.12.2018

Description: What goes into wedding in your country including activities, food, and a reception? Describe these things to someone who is not familiar with your country and culture.
Helpful tip: Marriage isn’t a date in time; it’s a life that is made up of small acts of kindness toward your spouse.

Listen to the conversation and check your answers.

1. Where does the woman want to get married?
A. She wants to get married at a local church.
B. She wants to tie the knot at some scenic place.
C. She wants to exchange their vows at a reception hall.

2. Ron suggests getting married at his parents’ house, but Sarah feels _______.
A. there is too much traffic in the area
B. their house and yard are way to small
C. they don’t have enough chairs and tables

3. Sarah wants _______________ to prepare the refreshments at the reception.
A. her close friends
B. a food service company
C. her parents and family

4. While Sarah wants to go skiing on their honeymoon, Ron wants to ____________.
A. go on an exciting cruise
B. drive through the mountains
C. visit some art museums

5. Ron comes up with the idea of ______________ during their honeymoon.
A. staying with his brother
B. spending romantic nights at a hotel
C. relaxing at an exciting resort

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