Car Rental

Автор: | 06.12.2018

Description: What points should you consider when looking for a used car? Rank these points in order of importance and discuss them. Do you have any concerns or worries about buying a secondhand car (used car)?
Helpful tip: Consider taking a used car to an independent mechanic for a complete check before you buy it. You can discover potential problems before you buy it.

Listen to the conversation and check your answers.

1. How old is the minivan the woman is looking at?
A. three years old
B. five years old
C. seven years old

2. What is the vehicle’s mileage?
A. 55,000 miles
B. 65,000 miles
C. 75,000 miles

3. What is the problem with the minivan’s door?
A. It has several scratches in it.
B. It will not open properly.
C. It is missing the door handle.

4. What is one thing the extended warranty would NOT cover on the vehicle according to the conversation?
A. a faulty oil pump
B. a malfunctioning gage
C. a worn out brake drum

5. If the manager lowered the price as the salesman suggests, what would the final price be?
A. $15,475
B. $15,575
C. $15,675

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